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KB01520 - OmniStream Features

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Q: How long does redundancy take for OmniStream Pro systems?

A: This is dependent on the redundancy mode. See section 4.1 of the OmniStream spec document.


Q: Can you use a software decoder like VLC to decode OmniStream-encoded streams?

A: Theoretically, yes, but there is no plugin currently available for VLC to decode the RTP-wrapped VC-2 packets generated by OmniStream.


Q: Does OmniStream support video wall applications?

A: Yes, video wall is supported beginning with firmware version 1.1.0, both for OmniStream Pro and OmniStream R-Type.


Q: Does OmniStream support fast, seamless switching?

A: Yes! Fast switching is supported on both OmniStream Pro and R-Type decoders as of firmware version 1.2.2. Note that only 1080p60 (single-channel decoders), and 1080p30 (dual-channel decoders) are supported for the output, regardless of incoming resolution and frame rate.


Q: Can OmniStream decoders be used with other IP-based video products such as CCTV cameras?

A: No. These products use a different compression technology, so they would require decoders that support their chosen technologies. Additionally, using OmniStream decoders for such products would really be price-prohibitive!


Q: Can Dolby Vision be supported on OmniStream Pro decoders?

A: Yes, OmniStream Pro decoders can support Dolby Vision HDR. The user should install Dolby Vision license and configure the decoder to operate in Video mode.




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