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KB01498 - How is the SW-510W & MS52W discovered by a mobile device?


Q: How is the SW-510W & MS52W discovered by a mobile device?

A: For an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, the unit will be discovered using Airplay mDNS.

Since mDNS is a multicast protocol, it will not travel between VLANs. If your switcher is on a separate VLAN, you will want to forward the mDNS traffic from one VLAN to the next. If forwarding mDNS between VLANs is not an option, you can use a Bluetooth adapter (Atlona recommends Plugable or Kinivio Bluetooth 4.0 Adapters, sold separately). Once the Bluetooth adapter is installed, the Airplay Bluetooth discovery option will need to be enabled in the web interface under Administration -> Advanced settings.

For Android and Chromebook devices, the SW-510W interfaces with them via the proprietary Google Cast protocol. This also uses mDNS so that traffic would need to be forwarded between VLAN's. There is no Bluetooth discovery for Chromecast.

For Windows 10 computers, the SW-510W and MS52W will be discovered using the Miracast beacon on the back of the unit. There are two different types of connections when using Miracast. The first type of connection is peer to peer, where the Windows 10 computer connects directly to the Miracast antenna on the rear of the switcher. This type of connection does not require the computer to be connected to the wireless network. The second type of connection is called Miracast over infrastructure. Once the switcher has been discovered via the Miracast antenna the computer will automatically start sending video over the network infrastructure.


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