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KB01470 - How to switch audio input - AT-GAIN-120

AT-GAIN-120 with AT-GAIN-NET provide the user the ability to switch the audio input to "Analog"or "NET Audio", this audio selection available at the product web GUI, Velocity control system or API for third-party control systems via API commands (telnet).


1. web GUI

   a. Launch your favorite web browser

   b. Login to AT-GAIN-120

   c. Navigate to "Audio"

   d. Click on Input Selection drop-down list to select the audio input: Analog or Net Audio.

The Net Audio selection will only be available if the optional AT-GAIN-NET card is installed. This card is available from Atlona.


2. Velocity

   a. Add new Macro

   b. Select the device: "AT-GAIN-120"

  c. Select the desired input: Analog or Digital


3. Telnet 

   a. Use the "1AV" for Analog input or "2AV" for Digital input - (AT-GAIN_NET card is required)












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