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KB01468 - Incorrect input switching when using analog outputs of UHD-PRO3 Matrix to a C4 audio matrix

Subject: Incorrect input switching when using analog outputs from UHD-PRO3 Matrix to a Control4 Audio Matrix


Symptom: When making a binding within Control4 from the analog output from the Atlona product into an input of a Control4 audio matrix, the Atlona product will experience unwanted input switches from different outputs

Troubleshooting: Disconnect the binding within Control4 from the analog output of the UHD-PRO3 to the Control4 audio matrix. Verify the Atlona input switches correctly.

Solution: The UHD-PRO3 series analog outputs are designed to have the audio follow the video output, and so it is a video matrix with audio de-embedding. When making the binding within Control4 Composer, Control4 changes the logic in which it sees the path to send video and send audio. 

If you wish to use an audio matrix to route audio from your source please use the following solutions:

  1. Use audio de-embedder such as AT-HDR-M2C to connect source into Control4 audio matrix
    1. The AT-HDR-M2C will allow downmixing from your HDMI source to 2CH via analog output or SPDIF output, while still allowing your HDMI source to pass for Multi-channel formats simultaneously.
      1. Note: An AT-HDR-M2C will be needed for every input source you wish to have de-embedded
  2. Connect analog outputs from source into audio matrix
    1. This will connect the audio outputs from the desired source directly into the audio matrix allowing proper audio matrixing.

Article ID: KB01468

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