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KB01458 - How to copy a display's EDID to a file on a PC

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Subject: How to copy a display's EDID to a file on a PC

Explanation: To copy a display's EDID to a file on a PC for advanced diagnostic review by our product expert group, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect the display whose EDID you'd like to copy. 

  2. Using a Windows PC, download Monitor Asset Manager (MonInfo).

  3. Downloading the file will give you an option to rename the program file and save it to a location of your choosing. By default, the installer is named "mi_setup.exe" and in this example, the download location is "This PC > Downloads".

  4. Run mi_setup.exe to install MonInfo to your PC.

  5. Open MonInfo.

  6. You will see this window:

  7. In the Display IDs section, you will find a list of all displays that have been connected to this PC.

  8. The currently connected display(s) will say "Real-time" in the Display IDs window:

  9. Select a currently connected display to view the Asset Information in the right hand pane:

  10. Verify that the Model name is the correct model display whose EDID you wish to copy.

  11. Once you have verified that the currently selected Display is correct, choose File > Save as... to save the EDID to your PC.

  12. Choose the directory to which you'd like to save the EDID file, and rename the file (preferably to the Model of the display):

You have now successfully saved the EDID for your display to a file on your PC, which you can then send to us for advanced diagnostic review.

Article ID: KB01458

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