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KB01458 - Network Switch Configuration How To - Video

A network topology is how the various components of a network are arranged. For our purposes, this refers to the various devices that OmniStream (R-Type or Pro) is connected to and how those devices are connected to each other. Although there are a variety of different network topologies, OmniStream will nearly always be connected to one of three groups:

  1. Single logical switch.
  2. Star.
  3. Fat tree.

Each of these topologies has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages

The simplest network topology we will come across is that of a single switch or multiple physical switches that are stacked and act as one logical switch. In this type of system, each OmniStream device is connected to a single logical switch that is not connected to any other switches/routers.

Atlona certified Cisco and Luxul switches (selected models) and is providing a simple configuration file for these two brands – to learn more about our certified switches click here.

The following videos are demonstrating the switch configuration process using Atlona switch configuration:


Luxul 7048P 



For more information on network topologies and IGMP and Multicast requirements click here.


Article ID: KB01458

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