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KB01455 - How to reset IP Address and Login Credentials


Description: How to reset login credentials for the AT-HDVS-CAM 


You can reset the HDVS-CAM to default username/password using the remote following the instructions below.

  1. Power unit using 12V power supply. IR window LED will blink RED during boot sequence, then turn off.
  2. Connect AT-HDVS-CAM USB-A to your PC. IR window LED will turn GREEN.
  3. Using provided AT-HDVS-CAM IR remote, send the button sequence (send 1 by 1):
        【*】,【#】 , Manual
         Note: There is no need to hold the buttons simultaneously.
  4. Power cycle the AT-HDVS-CAM.
         Note: USB may still provide power to the unit. Ensure both power and usb are disconnected for a complete power cycle.

Please refer to the latest revisions of the manual and firmware to ensure your AT-HDVS-CAM is properly configured and firmware is up to date.

Article ID: KB01455

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