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KB01445 - How to create an Event Macro and best practices


Subject: How to create an Event Macro and best practices


You can specify a series of commands to be triggered on certain room events. For this guide, we will be using the Room ON event as an example. The following guide assumes you have built your room and added the desired room technology already.

  1. Navigate to the room you would like to create the Event Macro for and select the pencil button:
  2. Scroll down and select Event Macros: 
  3. You will then select which event you want to trigger your succession of commands:
    1. Room On- applies when you first launch control of a room
    2. Room Off- applies when you select room off on the top corner of the touch panel
    3. Volume Up- applies when pressing the volume up button
    4. Volume Down- applies when pressing the volume down button
    5. Mute Audio- applies when pressing the mute audio button
    6. Unmute Audio- applies when pressing the unmute audio button
    7. Apple Source- applies macro when a specific source is applied to a specific display
    8. Schedule Event- applies actions and commands on a specified time schedule
  4. Create Macro to your room’s needs. Click the plus button to add a command. Click the three dots next to ms to either move a command up the sequence or remove it. We recommend a 100ms delay between commands. Always save after any changes are made:
  5. Now when pressing the START ROOM button on your touch panel, you will trigger the series of commands programmed earlier:

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