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KB01444 - How to create a Macro (to send commands at the touch of a button in the velocity touch panel)


Subject: How to create a Macro.


A Macro enables you to send a specific command or set of commands at the touch of a button within the Velocity touch panel. The following guide assumes you have built your room and added the desired room technology already.

  1. Navigate to the room you would like to create the Event Macro for and select the pencil button:
  2. Scroll down and select:
  3. Click the “+” button to create a macro and then again to specify a command:
  4. You can even write in a custom command if one is not found in the driver:
  5. Go back to your room and either Launch Control or use your touch-panel. I had also renamed the macro to “Test Macro”. You now will want to press the Macros button in the top-right corner:
  6. Now, when you press the button you previously named your Macro, it will trigger your specified command: 

Article ID: KB01444

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