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KB01429 - All but one display to come up with a video/audio, what can I do to get video to all locations? 


I can get all but one displays to come up with a picture, what can I do to get video to all locations? 


Whenever a single source is sent to multiple displays (through the use of a splitter or distribution amplifier such as the AT-HD-V14SS, the source will need to output one signal that all displays can understand. A minor change in the way the signal is sent can cause a display/projector to have issues displaying the image. This is often classified as an EDID incompatibility. Performing an EDID learn often solves this issue.

The steps to perform EDID learn on the V14SS unit:

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the unit.
  2. Connect the Display that you want to learn the EDID from to the “HDMI output” port on the AT-HD-V14SS.
  3. Make sure that display is on and is set to proper input.
  4. Set the switch to “EDID learning” mode and then connect the power supply.
  5. You will notice that Signal LED light on front of the unit blinks and it will turn off after the EDID learning process is done.
  6. Leave the switch to “EDID learning” mode and connect the system back up.

This EDID will stay in memory until you connect another display to that HDMI output port. If a different display is plugged into this port, it will overwrite the EDID. Please note that changing the EDID dial to another setting will also clear the recorded EDID (and will require it to be relearned to be used again) 

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