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KB01428 - How to enable DoS protection on a router to prevent devices from “locking-up” or “freezing”

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Subject: How to enable DoS protection on a router to prevent devices from “locking-up” or “freezing”


Many routers have a built-in feature called DoS (Denial of Service) protection that allows the router to reject large amounts of unneeded network traffic. This feature helps keep the network working smoothly and also ensures that devices on the network are not flooded with too many packets and subsequently locked up.

Typical Symptoms:

  • Unusually slow network performance (opening files or accessing websites/web-GUI’s).
  • Unavailability of a particular website.
  • Inability to access any website.


Atlona recommends enabling DoS protection on routers that have this feature. If you encounter an issue where your AV devices operate slowly when attached to a LAN/WAN or they simply lock up, you can benefit from DoS protection. If your router does not have this feature, it is recommended to obtain a router with this function built-in. Many routers have this function built-in from the factory, please check your routers specifications to confirm or consider purchasing a router that is advertised with this feature built-in.

To check if you have this feature enabled, you can access your routers settings and look at the WAN/LAN settings:

An example of a Netgear routers web-GUI:

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