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KB01413 - How to learn EDID on an AT-HDCAT unit


Subject: How to learn EDID on an AT-HDCAT unit


Being an HDMI distribution amplifier, the AT-HDCAT will typically have a variety of displays connected to its outputs. To ensure optimal performance, the AT-HDCAT system has two EDID settings, INT (Internal) and Learn. INT sums the EDID off all connected displays into one common format. This will typically provide optimal performance as long as all the displays have similar functions/features. However, in a system with a variety of display models/brands, video/audio playback issues can arise as the source device may output an EDID that not all outputs prefer.

Thus, the HDCAT also features EDID learning. This allows you to learn the unique EDID information from a display and allow the sources to cater to this EDID format. Most displays/projectors will support EDID that is not natively their own (if it is in a format they can support). Therefore, if you find you have issues in getting video on all outputs or that some outputs lose video periodically, it is recommended to perform an EDID learn.

The steps below outline the process of learning EDID on a HDCAT unit:

  1. Turn on the display/projector connected to output #1
  2. Confirm the output is showing video, if this output is not showing video, connect one of the other outputs until you see video show up from output #1
  3. With video passing to the sink device (display/projector) on output 1, press and hold the EDID button on the HDCAT until you see the LEARN LED flash: . After a few seconds, it will stop flashing and stay permanently lit, this means EDID was successfully learned. You can safely power cycle the unit, as long as the EDID button is not pressed, the unit will hold onto the “Learned” EDID.
  4. After performing the EDID learn, powercycle the HDCAT by removing power from it for 5 seconds and reconnect it. Confirm if video issues have been resolved.

If you have any issues with getting a stable video signal or permanently lit EDID light on the HDCAT unit, please try connecting another TV to output 1, making sure you have good video on the sink device and then repeating steps 1-3 again. 

If you have tried the steps above and continue to have issues in getting stable video, please contact Atlona technical support for more help.

Article ID: KB01413 


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