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KB01414 - Windows 10 resolution and extended display settings

SKU: Any Atlona product being used with Windows 10 machine 

Subject: Windows 10 resolution and extended display settings


For optimal performance, Windows 10 automatically defaults to the last used EDID settings for a display. This means, a Windows PC will may default to the higher possible output resolution (i.e. 4K) that was last used on a display. Manually changing the resolution of the computer to another setting will cause it to revert to this (newly selected) resolution moving forward (until it is changed again). Windows will also automatically default to “extended display mode” so if you want to duplicate your PC’s desktop, you will need to change “Duplicate” in the computers resolution settings. Windows may also scale the image.

This means that for Atlona devices where Win10 computers are connected if you have issues in displaying an image, you will need to manually set the resolution on the PC to another format (i.e. 1920x1080 or 1280x720).

Article ID: KB01414

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