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KB01397 - How to perform an EDID learn on the AT-PROHD matrix series


Subject: How to perform an EDID learn on the AT-PROHD matrix series


To begin the EDID learn process, you will need to make sure your matrix has its dipswitches (aka pins) on the back of the unit set to the following sequence:

1 = off (0)

2 = on (1)

3 = off (0)

4 = off (0)

Next, to perform an EDID learn:

  1. Make sure that the TV you want to learn EDID from is turned on and showing video. You can route any one of the input sources to that display to get video/audio up. This will ensure the EDID we learn is captured correctly on the first attempt.
  2. Using the front panel buttons of the matrix, choose the output port where the EDID will be copied from (i.e. output 1) followed by the input where we will save the EDID to (i.e. input 1).
  3. Press "ENTER" and the output number (i.e. output 1) at the same time and within about two seconds the screen on the matrix should show a circular pattern.
  4. Release the ENTER and output # button.
  5. You should then see a message that says "MIX OK" or "MIX FL". MIX OK is what we want to see and signifies a good EDID learn. MIX FL means the EDID learn has failed. If you see this, please try learning EDID from another output (to that same input). 

After performing this process for one input, repeat the process for all other inputs. It is recommended to apply the same EDID to all inputs (unless you want different inputs to cater to different EDID formats).

Article ID: KB01397 

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