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KB01342 - How is the HDVS-CAM/HDMI/HDBT powered?


How is the HDVS-CAM/HDMI/HDBT powered?


The HDVS-CAM & HDVS-CAM-HDMI are designed to be powered via their dedicated, 12 volt 2 amp power supply (that is provided with the camera). They CANNOT be powered via USB, PoE, or any power supply that is rated below the specifications of the supplied unit. *Note: These cameras require a 24-watt rated power supply or higher. It is NOT recommended to extend the low voltage side of the power supply. 

The HDVS-CAM-HDBT can be powered over HDBaseT with a compatible receiver OR with the included power supply. *Note: While the HDVS-CAM-HDBT can be powered via PoE, the included power supply cannot power a connected HDBaseT receiver.


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