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KB01339 - Where to obtain latest drivers for the AT-AIR3, AT-HDAIR, AT-PCLINK, AT-HDVIEW

SKU: AT-Air3, AT-HDAir, AT-PCLink

Subject: Where to obtain latest drivers for the AT-Air3, AT-HDAir, AT-PCLink, AT-HDView


The AT-HDAIR, AT-HDAIR3 and the AT-PCLINK use two drivers to pass wireless video/audio and data (PCLink). The first driver, from DisplayLink TM   can be obtained from the following link. The second driver, called Wireless USB can be obtained from this link.

The AT-HDView uses the DisplayLink driver only. The driver can be obtained here.

To access the drivers, simply download this folder and extract the contents. After the contents are extracted, please click on the “Autorun” application which will walk you through the install process.

Followed by:

You may also access individual drivers by going to the “Drivers” folder.


Please note, the company who created the driver is no longer supporting this driver and as such, it is not compatible with Win8 and Win10, as such, Atlona cannot guarantee compatibility with Win8 or greater.

Article ID: KB01339

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