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Velocity Hyper-V Network set to the local LAN

All of the information for Hyper-V comes from Microsoft and 3rd party Documentation since the Hyper-V Environment is not an Atlona Product and we will be Very limited on the support we can provide for Microsoft's products/ Windows Features, But we will try to explain some settings you might find helpful when also using the Hyper-V for Atlona's Velocity System.

Atlona does have a Hyper-V Installation Guide available also under resources on the Velocity VM product page. Once you have gone through the installation in this Document This article might help you if you are not able to connect to the Velocity Virtual machine from your Computers browser


In Hyper-V we see all the networking settings Start with the Virtual Switch Manager.
When you have selected your machine folder in the Console Tree, there are 2 ways to get to the Virtual Switch Manager.

You can use Action and Select Virtual Switch Manager from the Drop down, or Select Virtual Switch Manager from the Right side Action Pane.


By Default and on initial installation of the Hyper-V we see only the "Default Switch" in the Virtual Switch Manager.
Assigning this to the Virtual machine (covered a little later in the article) will create a virtual network and the host computer will be able to access the Velocity IP since the default Switch is shared to the Host and Virtual Machines.

If the Default Switch does not show up, was deleted, or you are looking to get the Virtual machine connected to the local network, you can add a "New virtual network switch" and assign to one of the NICs on your computer.
There are options for External, Internal, and Private

For this article we will discuss External to get the Velocity VM to see the local LAN, and if you want more information on the other options there are many resources available online from Microsoft or Youtube Videos That can provide more information on the other options.
External: Will share your Computers NIC wo both your Host computer and the Virtual Machines assigned to this Virtual Switch.

When Creating the External Virtual Switch you will want to make sure you have the "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter". if you do not have this checked your Host computer may lose access to the network/internet.

There will be a pop up message you will have to accept letting you know your host computers network will be interrupted while the Virtual Switch is created.


Now that you have default Switch and an External Created we can assign them to the virtual machine.
The Virtual Machine needs to be off to be able to adjust settings.



Now you will likely see Default Switch is normally assigned, but you can now change to External.

Selecting Network adapter on the left will give you the option of choosing which Virtual Switch to apply to this Machine.

Once Applied you can start the Machine, and a new window will pop up, once the machine is booted you should see a window like this but your IP should be one in your DHCP range from the network adapter you had selected before.

Please do not program from this window as you will not be able to download from this machine to your computer. To Log in and program Velocity please navigate to the shown IP address from a browser on your Computer.

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