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KB01022 - Why am I unable to launch the HDVS Control Software on a Win10 machine? (Runtime 380 error)



Installing HDVS Control software on a Win10 PC causes a runtime 380 error that prevents install from occurring. 


If you are installing the HDVS control software on a Win10 PC and are seeing an error message such as this:

This is caused by the fact that the Atlona HDVS control software uses a specific font that is not natively installed into Windows 10 ( but was installed on Win 7). You can easily resolve this issue by installing the font file which is included in the AT-HDVS control software download folder:

Once you double-click this file, it should open a dialog box. Please click install in the top left corner to install this font:

Please note, once the font is installed you will not get any message saying the install it complete. Simply click install and the installation will happen in the background within a few seconds. You can then close the font window and attempt to run the AT-HDVS Control Software again which should now work with the font installed.

You can download the latest version of HDVS Control Software here

Article ID: KB01022

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