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KB01066 - How to control sources using the IR pass-through feature of the AT-UHD-EX-70C-KIT


Summary: How to control sources using the IR transmission feature of the AT-UHD-EX-70C-KIT— The AT-UHD-EX-70C-KIT allows you to send IR from the location of the receiver unit (RX) at your display and pass these signals back to the transmitter (TX) which is at your source location. This article outlines this configuration.




To utilize the IR pass-through function, you will need to have the supported IR receiver and IR emitter connected at the appropriate Atlona extender:


  • The AT-UHD-EX-70C-KIT will ship with an AT-IR-CS-TX infra-red transmitter (typically paired with the AT-UHD-EX-70C-RX) – This will allow you to send IR to your source.


  • Please note: Atlona extenders do not come with an IR receiver due to the fact that most customers utilize a third party control system that’s connected to the Atlona extenders and thus there is no need for an IR receiver. Atlona sells 12v receivers which can be purchased under part number AT-IR-CS-RX



Connecting the IR Emitter

Once you have the required IR emitter and HDBaseT TX, we start by connecting the IR emitter to the transmitter:


  • The AT-IR-CS-TX has two wires: Solid stripped wire = Signal (S), plain wire = Ground ()



  • Connect the appropriate wires to the IR OUT Signal and GND pins found on the AT-UHD-EX-70C-TX.


  • Insert your captive screw connector at the HDBaseT transmitter.


  • Position your IR emitter directly over the “IR Eye” of your source device.
    • Atlona recommends isolating the IR emitter away from any sources of external light (i.e. UV lamps, direct sunlight, Plasma TV’s) as these can cause unwanted issues with IR transmission.


  • Please note the AT-IR-CS-TX will flash a RED led to show its sending out an IR signal:




Connecting the IR Receiver


Now that the IR Out has been connected to the AT-UHD-EX-70C-TX (Transmitter) you are ready to connect the AT-IR-CS-RX at the AT-UHD-EX-70C-RX (Receiver):


  • Atlona’s supported IR Receivers come with three wires: The dashed wire = Signal (S) , solid stripped wire = Power (P) and the plain wire is Ground ()
  • Your connection at the Atlona extender should be similar to this photo.
  • Please note Atlona IR receivers will flash red to show that an IR signal being received:


  • Please note for IR to pass you need solid link and power lights between TX and RX extenders. Check link and power LED’s to ensure they are solid. If no link still, please try replacing CAT cables or see our guide on troubleshooting link issues.


  • Once your IR receiver is properly connected to the RX extender, you can use your sources remote (or a Universal remote) to send IR into the AT-IR-CS-RX located at the AT-UHD-EX-70C-RX which will then send IR signals back over the CAT connection to the AT-UHD-EX-70C-TX and out of the AT-IR-CS-TX located on the extender.


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