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KB01091 - How to communicate with an AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix without a DHCP enabled router

All AT-UHD-PRO3 matrices actually have a default IP address they use if they do not see an HDCP address from a DHCP enabled router. To get a connection between your PC and Matrix, without a DHCP router please do the following:
  • Press the Function (FCN) button and then the Info button twice to see your matrix’s default IP
  • address of:
  • Please go into your computers network settings and change your computers IP IPV4 address to be in the same subnet as the Atlona.

  • Please make sure the IP address you select is not being used by another device in your system.
  • Once your computer is in the same subnet, you are able to access the Matrix’s web interface by entering the IP address of the matrix into your favorite browser.
  • The username is: root and password is: Atlona (case sensitive).

Article ID: KB01091

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