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OmniStream: Video Walls with Dual Channel Decoders (AT-OMNI-122)

Configuring Video Walls with OmniStream decoders is possible with both single-channel and dual-channel decoders, however there are some important differences between them to consider:
  • The AT-OMNI-122 is limited to HDCP 1.4 as opposed to the AT-OMNI-121 which supports HDCP 2.2.
  • When used in Video Wall configurations, the AT-OMNI-122 is limited to 1080p30 output resolution as opposed to the AT-OMNI-121 which supports up to 1080p60.
  • When used in Video Wall configurations greater than 2x2, the AT-OMNI-122 must be configured for Video system mode with Fast Switching disabled.
  • When using dual-channel decoders, the Rotation feature can only be used when a single HDMI channel is active.
💡 Image rotation is not supported on dual-channel decoders when both HDMI channels are active. Single-channel decoders do not have this restriction.
  • Portrait Mode is only supported on single-channel decoders.

Single Channel / Dual Channel Decoders: Video Wall Feature Comparison

Feature AT-OMNI-121 AT-OMNI-122
Max HDCP version 2.2 1.4
Max Resolution/FPS in Video Wall Configuration 1080p @ 30 fps 1080p @ 30 fps
Video System Mode PC, Video


Video Mode limited up to 2x2 video walls

Fast Switching with Video Walls Yes

Limit up to 2x2 video walls

Rotation Yes

Limit (1) active HDMI Out

Portrait Mode with Video Walls Yes



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