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Syncing a Laptop/Tablet Browser Window to a Velocity Project to act as a BYOD Control Screen



It's possible to sync a browser window on a computer/tablet to act as a BYOD control screen for a Velocity room.


To do this, simply navigate on that computer (it should be a different machine than the one you use to login and edit the project) to the VGWs IP address, as you would to log in. (A Velocity Admin should be logged into Velocity on another machine to approve the sync.)


However, instead of entering any credentials,  press the other button beside the LOGIN button, labeled SYNC:


This will initiate the green Approval pop-up for the Admin, just as when intitating a VTP sync.


The Velocity Admin on the other machine can then approve and select which room the laptop browser window controls at that point.


You can then bookmark that page on the synced laptop and make a shortcut so one click will open the control screen for whichever room was selected when approving the sync.



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