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What's the password? (Web UI, Login)


Atlona Default Credentials

Atlona devices typically use one of these default credentials:


  • For older devices:

    • User: root

    • Password: Atlona

  • For newer devices:

    • User: admin
    • Password: Atlona
  • For Velocity:

    • User: admin
    • Password: admin


If you still can't log in to your web interface, please try searching for your specific device on the Help Center home page. Much older devices may have a different, device-specific, password.


If you can't find what you need, please contact us.


What if I set my own password?

If you set your own password and can't remember it or don't have access to it, please search for your device specifically on the Help Center home page. In general, a factory reset is the recommended recovery option.


If you're working with a Velocity system and lost your login, see this article. Please contact us if the Velocity password reset feature isn't working for you.

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