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LG IP control and IP Control Installer Menu

Here are the steps you will need in order to make IP control work with LG Displays:


1. Turn on the TV and go to "All Settings"

2. Locate and turn off any energy saving settings, this will sometimes prevent the display from turning on from a cold start.

3. Go to your network setting and set a static address somewhere outside your DHCP address pool. Please be sure to use a wired connection as wireless can be unreliable.

4. Find the setting "Mobile TV ON" and turn it on, this can usually be found under general.

5. There are two ways to get into the installer menu depending on the model LG you have; both methods will require the IR remote for the TV. THE SMART/POINTER REMOTE WILL NOT WORK


Installer Menu #1 

1. Press Home

2. Settings, then All Settings 

3. Select the Network icon and press "7-3-7-7-7" quickly

4. Try a couple times but should bring up menu to turn IP control on, if this does not work try option 2


Installer Menu #2

1. Turn TV ON and got to the CATV input so you get "snow"

2. Once you only see "snow" and all other menus and sidebars have gone away (must wait unit its only snow)...

3. Press and Hold the Settings button unit the channel number pops up then release the settings button.

4. Press "8-2-8" then the "OK/Select" button to bring up the IP control menu 

5. Set IP control to ON


*Either of these menus can take a couple times trying over and over to get in, if this does not work your TV might not support IP control and will have to use some other control method.

**If you see the generate passcode option in your menu then IP control will not work with LG driver in Velocity 

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