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KB01690 - How to update the firmware on an AT-GAIN-120





Required items:
• IP address of the AT-GAIN-120
• Computer on the same network as the AT-GAIN-120
• Username and password to access the web GUI

1. Verify that an Ethernet cable is connected between the AT-GAIN-120 and the network. The computer used to access the web GUI must be on the same network as the AT-GAIN-120.
2. Type the IP address of the AT-GAIN-120 into the web browser, as shown in the example below.

3. The login screen will be displayed. Login using the username and password. The default login credentials are:
Username: admin
Password: Atlona
4. Click Status in the menu bar on left side of the screen.
5. Click the Save button.

6. The Save As dialog box will be displayed. Select the folder where the file will be saved. Click the Save button to save the file. The file is saved in .bin format and uses the default name of systemsettings.bin.
7. Click Firmware on the left side of the screen.

8. Click the Browse button to select the firmware file.
9. Click the Load button to begin the upgrade process and the PWR LED indicator will flash rapidly. A progress bar will be displayed during the update process. Once the update has been completed, re-login to the web GUI.


Required items:
• Firmware
• USB Type A to Mini-USB Type B cable
• Computer with USB port

1. Download the latest firmware from the Atlona web site.
2. Disconnect the power from the AT-GAIN-120.
3. Connect the USB cable from the FW port on the front panel to the computer with the firmware.
4. Reconnect the power to the AT-GAIN-120. After a few seconds, a drive folder will be displayed.

5. Delete all existing files on this drive.
6. Drag-and-drop the firmware file on the computer to this folder. Wait for the file to be copied.
7. Disconnect both the USB cable and power cable from the AT-GAIN-120.
8. Reconnect the power to the AT-GAIN-120. The PWR LED indicator on the front panel will rapidly flash green, indicating that the firmware upgrade is in process; this should take only a few seconds.

9. The firmware upgrade process is complete.


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