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ConnectWise - Mac OS - Black image when trying to share screen

Summary: When the Client connects to Connectwise by downloading the program and Running file, there are security settings that might need to be enabled for the screen to be shared.

Step 1  - Security & Privacy

Start by navigating to your System Preferences, followed by the Security & Privacy section.

Step 2  - Screen Recording




Click on the Privacy tab at the top.


Scroll down on the left side until you see Screen Recording.


Make sure there is a checkmark next to ConnectWise Control Client (Atlona logo).

Step 3  - Restart




Once Connectwise has a checkmark next to it, you should be up and working.


Sometimes the app will need to be restarted to work. If this happens, you will be prompted by a notification similar to the picture on the right. Select Quit Now, then restarting the App should get it connected and showing for the Connectwise host





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