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KB01036 - Crackling audio when using USB speakerphone on 300-RX USB host port


Scenario: Crackling audio from USB speakerphone used on UHD-HDVS-300-RX HOST USB port

Troubleshooting: Multiple USB speakerphones have been tested and the issue appears on all of them. If the issue is unique to only one unit and other units of the same model did not have the issue, there might be an issue with that specific speakerphone. Otherwise, if multiple speakerphones had issues, see below.

Explanation: It has been recently discovered that some USB speakerphones exhibit crackling audio when connected at the RX’s HOST USB port () and audio is sent back to the TX units. A firmware update of version 1.0.15 has been released to improve functionality with some speakerphones and we recommend using the Clearone CHAT 160. Please note firmware 1.0.15 blocks the USB HOST port from being used on the RX. Current HDVS-300 units are being shipped with the USB port blocked off by an insert.

Article ID: KB01036  


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