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KB01128 - Color space issue with AT-UHD-PRO3 matrices


Scenario: I have a display that has a purple/pink or green/blue wash over it.


Connecting one of the affected sources directly to a TV does not produce the same issue. Another display has been tested in place of one that the color space issue has been seen on and the issue does not reappear.


This is a settings problem dealing with the specific color space (color format) being sent by the source and tends to come from the color space being in auto and your source choosing the wrong color space for your displays based on the EDID information its seeing. To fix this problem, go into your sources display settings and see if you can change it to a different color space for your display to receive. If this doesn’t help, try changing the EDID settings for this source by accessing the web interface of the matrix and performing an EDID adjustment to one of the INT settings (such as 1080p 2ch), you can also make changes via the front panel.

If you cannot change the source’s display settings and changing EDID at the matrix does not help, you might want to try the AT-ETU-SYNC EDID emulator to help “trick” the source into outputting a different color space. The AT-ETU-SYNC presents itself as a TV and should help change the way the source interprets the EDID requirements. Alternatively, a scaler can be used to change video formats (see AT-HD-SC-500). Otherwise, another display may be used in place of one that has issues as each display has different EDID and using another model can clear up this issue.

Article ID: KB01128 

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