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KB01127 - No audio when using PC as a source (setting PC to play audio via HDMI)


Scenario: A computer is being used as a source - No audio passing through HDMI or analog audio of the AT-HDVS-RX but audio is coming out of computer speakers

Troubleshooting: Trying another source (Blu-ray, AppleTV and cable box) confirms that audio does pass from the AT-HDVS-TX/RX, the computer audio does not however.

Solution: Your computer’s sound settings may be set to playback audio through the internal speakers (set as default device), to resolve this please select the HDVS-RX playback device as your default communication device.

To enable HDMI audio:

Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your start menu (next to the clock):                           

Next, choose “Playback devices”:

This will show the SOUND settings. Access the “Playback tab”:

Next, right click on the AT-HDVS-RX and set the device as your default playback device:



Article ID: KB01127 

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