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KB01124 - How to configure a static IP address on an AT-UHD-PRO3 without LAN connectivity


Scenario: You do not have access to a router or LAN connection to configure a static IP address on the AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix and need to set a static IP


You can setup a static IP connection via serial. For information on how to set up


  1. Establish a connection from your favorite RS232 program to the Atlona matrix. Atlona recommends using the following serial programs: serial program for PC's and serial program for MAC
  2. Connect a RS232 to captive screw cable to the “Master RS232” port on the unit:                 
  3. The TX pin of your cable should connect to the RX pin on the Atlona. RX pin from your cable should go to TX on the Atlona. Ground goes to ground.
  4. Next, connect your RS232 to serial cable and establish a connection with your PC
  5. Example: If using HTerm, your connection will look like so:              *Please note, port #’s may change*
  6. You should see the following message in the bottom right corner of the program:     
  7. Once properly connected, try sending a command to the matrix to turn it ON/OFF:   
  8. If the command is properly sent and received you should see the following:                If you successfully toggle power on the switch, you are properly connected via RS232
  9. If you do not have success, check your serial connection with the matrix. It’s possible the TX and RX pins need to be swapped or a null modem needs to be installed. Please try flipping the TX and RX pins or installing null modem adapter. If this does not help, try another USB to serial cable and another USB port on your PC (check port settings via Device Manager as they may have changed).
  10. Another method to test communication is to simply toggle power on the switch whilst connected via RS232 and monitor the feedback received via the serial program:                        
  11. If you see feedback whilst toggling power but not when sending commands to the unit, this implies that the RX and GND pins are in incorrect positions. Please swap them and see if commands pass.
  12. If you still have issues in getting RS232 to work after following the steps above, please attempt to reload FW on your switch and perform a factory reset.
  13. Once a connection is established, send the following command to the matrix: IPDHCP off followed by a carriage return.
  14. Feedback should confirm that DHCP is off
  15. Next, send the command “IPStatic” followed by your desired IP address, subnet and gateway. End the command with a carriage return (<cr>)
  16. Example: IPStatic <cr>
  17. To verify that the commands took you can type “IPCFG” and the feedback should be the IP/subnet/default gateway that you assigned.

Setting up PC:


  1. Now plug the LAN port of your computer directly to the LAN port of the matrix (crossover cable not needed for most cases)
  2. Open the “Network and Sharing center” on your windows computer
  3. Click on “Change adapter settings”
  4. Double click on the LAN card you are connected with
  5. Click on “properties”
  6. Click on “Internet Protocols Version 4”
  7. Select the “Use the following IP address”
  8. Set IP to:  Subnet: ----- No Default gateway needed in this section. Once done, click OK to apply.
  9. Open a web browser and enter the IP of the matrix to navigate to---


Credentials for login:

Username: root

Password: Atlona

Please note: If you have connections issues to the LAN port try a crossover CAT cable

If you have RS-232 connections issue swap the RX and TX pins at the matrix captive screw connector  



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