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KB01129 - Control system lock ups with CLSO-601

SKU affected: AT-UHD-CLSO-601

Scenario: A control system is sending a “PWON” command via telnet or RS232 (or any IP-based control system) which is causing the AT-UHD-CLSO-601 to freeze up (no response via RS232)

Troubleshooting: Test if the unit responds to front panel commands. If so, there might be a network or cabling issue preventing IP control or a cabling issue preventing RS232 from passing. If unit doesn’t respond to front panel commands, try performing a power cycle of the switch and see if control is restored. If removing the control system connection allows the 601 to work correctly, this is a sign that there may have been a control issue such as too many commands send in a short time period (a few milliseconds apart) and thus adding a delay of 100ms between each command is a solution.

Solution: In case the issue is not related to commands being sent in a short time period, there is a pre-release firmware (1.2.05) that addresses this issue and all subsequent firmware versions will have this fix implemented. Please see attached file with pre-release firmware, otherwise check the firmware tab for the most recent firmware.

CLSO-601 pre-release Firmware is attached. 

Article ID: KB01129 


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