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KB01117 - UHD-PRO3 Matrix becomes unresponsive and experiences video loss in conjunction with switching from an external controller


Symptoms: Matrix performs normally at first, but after a short time of operation the unit becomes unresponsive to TCP/IP, RS232, or front panel buttons.

Troubleshooting: Remove any external control system (both RS232 and TCP/IP), power cycle the matrix and see if functionality is restored. If it is, there is a chance that the control system is causing a lock up issue (a solution may be increasing the delay between commands sent to at least 100ms). If removing the control system and power cycling still doesn’t help, check that there aren’t any UV lights or sunlight hitting the front of the matrix. These can cause interference as they can be interpreted as IR signals by the matrix.

Solution: If steps above do not help, please start by updating the matrix’s firmware to the latest FW version via the web GUI. Firmware for each SKU can be found at its respective product page (4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 16x16): After doing a firmware update, perform a factory reset and complete a hard power cycle of the matrix.  If this does not resolve the issue, please try connecting a computer via RS232 or telnet and send commands to the unit or to an output display to see if you can replicate the same issue as from a control system.

If the issue continues to occur with a direct RS232/telnet connection, please contact Atlona Technical Support for assistance with an RMA.

Article ID: KB01117








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