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KB01115 - AT-UHD-SW-5000ED Powers OFF when HDBaseT receiver is connected to HDBaseT output

SKUs: AT-UHD-SW-5000ED, AT-HDVS-RX (when used with 5000ED switch), AT-HDRX (when used with 5000ED switch), AT-HDRX-IR (when used with 5000ED switch), AT-HDRX-RSNET (when used with 5000ED switch)

Symptoms: When a category cable is connected from output of switch to a PoCC HDBaseT Receiver, the SW5000ED loses power

Explanation: The AT-HDRX, HDRX-IR, HDRX-RSNET and any other Power over CAT Cable (PoCC) receivers are not compatible with the 5000ED switch which is Power over Ethernet (POE)

Suggested Fix: Use compatible receiver models with this switch.  Please note any 24V PoCc RX Models will cause this problem (i.e AT-HDVS-RX, AT-HDRX, AT-HDRX-IR, AT-HDRX-RSNET). It is recommended to use 48V PoE UHD Series Receivers (i.e AT-UHD-EX-70-RX, AT-UHD-EX-70C-RX, AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX). 

Article ID: KB01115 

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