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KB01110 - IR issues when using emitters on the front panel of a matrix


Scenario:  Why does IR sent to the front panel of my UHD-PRO3 matrix intermittently work?


  • Check if the batteries in your remote have adequate power - possibly replace them
  • If using a third-party remote, check that commands are properly stored in this system
  • Check to see if there is any external UV light or sunlight in the room where the system is. This can cause IR interference. It is recommended to close any windows and turn off any fluorescent lights.
  • If using a third-party control system, disconnect it for a short period to see if IR starts to work correctly. It’s possible that an external control system is sending commands into the Atlona which is causing it to be unresponsive.

Solution: You may be experiencing competing light that is interfering with your IR emitter. To resolve this, cover the IR emitter with tape or an IR cover that does not allow light from windows, skylights, mirrors etc. If using a universal remote into which commands were learned, you may benefit from using the hex files we have available for the AT-UHD-PRO3 system, those files are found at this link. Atlona also recommends using the original remote that comes with the matrix for testing as it’s guaranteed that that remote’s commands will work with the system, third party remotes or drivers are subject to additional factors/variables that can explain lack of compatibility.

Article ID: KB01110 

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