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KB01076 - Matrix RJ45 Lights Explained



You may notice LED lights on the back of the AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix at the RJ45 port  as well as lights on the RJ45 port of the HDBaseT receiver. These lights can be used for diagnostic purposes with the following being true:

Blinking Orange/Amber at the back of the matrix = HDBaseT receiver is being seen but no display is connected

Solid Orange/Amber at the back of the matrix = HDBaseT receiver is being seen and display is connected

Blinking Orange/Amber at the HDBaseT receiver = this is normal and does not have any diagnostic purposes.

No lights at Matrix = this means there might be a potentially bad piece of hardware in the matrix. Please try doing a factory reset on your matrix. If this restores functionality, you should be able to use this port without any more issues. If you still have no lights and no video/audio is passing, please contact Atlona support for assistance. 

No lights at the HDBaseT receiver = Try replacing the HDBaseT receiver with one that you know works. If another receiver works in place of this one, you may want to try the potentially faulty receiver in at least one other port to confirm if it has failed, if so, please contact Atlona support for assistance. If another receiver still doesn’t work in place of the first one tested, please try another CAT cable or move the potentially faulty receiver to another location that is working to see if this still fails. CAT cable issues can also explain why the receiver gets no power and subsequently no lights. 

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