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KB01073 - Troubleshooting audio issues when using UHD-EX extenders and an AVR

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Scenario: You are using a set of Atlona extenders to pass the output of an audio video receiver (AVR) the signal from a TV. Your sources are directly connected to the AVR via HDMI and the HDMI output of the AVR goes to the Atlona extenders which connect to your HDMI display. You are able to hear audio from your sources on the AVR but you are not getting any video at your display. How can I test this system to ensure my extenders are not defective?

To troubleshoot this issue: The easiest way to troubleshoot the issue above is to bypass the AVR and send a video source directly to the TV using Atlona extenders: Sourceà Atlona Extendersà TV.

If passing signal directly to a TV works fine (we see video and hear audio) then it’s safe to assume the Atlona extenders are not defective as they are passing signal without error.

  • Check that the appropriate inputs are being used on the AVR and you have properly routed this video signal to the AVR’s output. Sometimes AVR’s can have multiple HDMI outputs and some outputs are limited to only audio playback. To test the AVR, Atlona recommends connecting a display directly to the AVR’s output using a short HDMI cable and confirming if video from the AVR passes to the display. If it does, this means we know the connections on the AVR are routed correctly but there might be a communication issue.
  • If you know that bypassing the AVR will pass video/audio correctly, please reach out to your AVR’s manufacturer and see if they can provide any suggestions for implementing their receiver with HDBaseT devices. They may be able to provide a firmware update or suggest optimal settings to use. If your AVR manufacturer cannot assist you, feel free to contact Atlona to see if we have any suggestions for your specific model of AVR.
  • Another way to resolve this issue would be to use an EDID emulator directly on the output of the AVR before going into the extenders. Atlona makes the AT-UHD-SYNC and AT-ETU-SYNC which can be used to record the EDID off your display (using the EDID LEARN feature) and then be placed between the output of the AVR and the input of the Atlona extenders: Sources->AVR-> AT-UHD-SYNC->AT-UHD-EX Extenders-> TV

Article ID: KB01073


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