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KB01015 - AT-HDVS-TX (-WP) Firmware Update Explained


To update the firmware of an AT-HDVS system you will need access to a PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 as well as a USB to Mini USB cable. Once you have these, please follow the following steps:

  1. To confirm what your current firmware is: The simplest way to check the HDVS’s firmware is to utilize the HDVS-RX’s On Screen Menu. To access the menu simply connect the HDMI output of the AT-HDVS-RX to your display and press MENU to see the Menu appear:
  2. Using the UP and DOWN arrows of the AT-HDVS-RX please access the “Information” page of the AT-HDVS-RX and Press MENU to access these settings:         (this is a picture of the HDVS-150 which has the same process)
  3. Please note that the TX’s firmware will only come up in the OSD when an AT-HDVS-TX or HDVS-TX-WP is connected to the AT-HDVS-RX. Firmware is unique to each model number.
  4. After firmware has been confirmed, you are ready to download the latest version from the AT-HDVS Product Pages: AT-HDVS-RX - AT-HDVS-TX-WPAT-HDVS-TX
  5. Once you download the firmware file, you should find a few different files in the firmware folder. Please locate the file with “.bin” as its extension. This is the firmware file we will be using:    

(AT-HDVS-TX-WP 1.0.2 firmware pictured here)

  1. Once firmware has been found, please keep this folder open but minimize it as we are now ready to load this onto the corresponding HDVS device.
  2. Please grab the appropriate device you are updating and bring it to your computer. Connect the USB cable to your computer but DO NOT CONNECT the other end to the Atlona device just yet.
  3. To put the HDVS in update mode: For the AT-HDVS-RX please unplug power, hold down MENU and connect the USB MINI cable to the RX. For the AT-HDVS-TX, please remove its CAT cable so its powered off, then press and hold the Display On/Off button and while holding it, connect the MINI USB cable (please see below for HDVS-TX-WP instructions). Almost immediately after connecting the USB cable to the TX or RX, your PC should recognize the newly connected device as a drive called “USB Updater” and will give you some options for what to do with this folder. Please select “Open folder to view files”:            
  4. Once the folder opens, you will notice it’s empty. This is because the binary firmware file of the HDVS system installs itself onto the unit and becomes a hidden file. Once you confirm that you have an empty USB Updater folder (otherwise delete anything that’s in there) and simply click and drag the “.bin” file we downloaded to this empty folder:                          
  5. Once this file transfers (should take a few seconds) you should see the firmware in the USB Updater folder:                                                                               (this is a picture of the HDVS-150 which has the same process)
  6. Please note, after you close this folder window and reopen it, the firmware will be hidden. This does not mean there was an issue with the update but rather confirms the firmware was properly uploaded to the HDVS system.

The AT-HDVS-TX-WP has its Mini USB port hidden behind the faceplate of the unit. To access it, please remove the three silver studs on the front of the unit found on the sides of the VGA port and atop the HDMI (these use a 5.5mm socket but you can also use a pair if needle nose pliers). You can follow the same update instructions as for the AT-HDVS-TX but please use the AT-HDVS-TX-WP firmware:    

(this is a picture of the HDVS-150-TX-WP which has an identical layout)

Please contact Atlona Technical Support if you have any questions about the firmware update process.

Article ID: KB01015 

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