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KB01315 - Checklist for Package 16 firmware update for update to process properly in web GUI

SKU: AT-UHD-PRO3-xxx series Matrix units

Description: Checklist for Package 16 firmware update for update to process properly in web GUI


There are a few things that need to be verified before updating to package 16

  1. Take screenshots of each page on the web GUI to take note of settings as ALL packages prior to 16 us the .XML file format for saving system settings as XML is not supported in package 16. Package 16 will still be able to save settings but it will be in the .json file format. It is recommended to save the settings so that you can match the settings of the updated matrix to how it was configured before (this is optional) 
  2. Make sure that that your connection to the network for your computer is direct and not using Wifi (Windows XP is not supported for package 16 update)
  3. Turn off any firewalls such as Windows Defender, Avast or any malware/Antivirus programs as they will interfere with the update.
  4. Make sure you can pull a DHCP address from the network as when the unit is factory defaulted and power cycled you will need to be able to pull an IP address automatically (You can use RS-232 with a terminal emulator such as H-Term, Data Viewer or Hercules to configure the IP address as well. You are not limited to these terminal emulators as there are several available for free)
  5. Make sure that you download the package 16 firmware on a wired connection to avoid packet loss during the download. (It is very important to unpack the .ZIP file to another folder as if you try to update the firmware from a packed file it can render a unit non-functional)
  6. Make sure that there is no control system that is connected to the matrix via RS-232 or accessing the matrix via IP. (You will need to disconnect the RS-232 cable from the matrix and/or dis-associate the control system from the matrix if using IP control)

Once these 6 things are verified you will be set up for success in updating the AT-UHD-PRO3-xxx series matrix units to package 16

Article ID: KB01315


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