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KB01305 - How to quickly configure an AT-HDR-M2C to a static IP address


Description: How to quickly configure a static IP address of an HDR-M2C unit


  1. Verify that the unit is powered
  2. Use a paperclip to press and hold the button on the right side of the unit for 15 seconds

Note: You will see front panel lights flash = (2) flashes signifies the unit is on a static IP address and (4) flashes means that it is using DHCP

The static IP info is: 


Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

Next, change the computers IP information to match the static address of the Atlona by following the steps below:

  1. Open Network Sharing Center (right click on the network icon in the start menu):                             
  2. Click on “Change Adapter Settings”:            
  3. Next, connect a straight-through CAT cable from a computer LAN port to the AT-HDR-M2C unit
  4. Click on the LAN connection (could also be called "ethernet")                                                             
  5. Click “Properties”                                                                       
  6. Double click on IPV4:                                                                         
  7. Enter the following IP address and Subnet Mask followed by clicking “ok” (sets computer to this IP address)                                                                                    
  8. Enter the Static IP of the AT-HDR-M2C unit into your browser and press “ENTER”                              
  9. You will be taken to the login page and can use the following credentials:

Username: root

Password: Atlona

Once the unit is on a static address, you can set it back to a DHCP address by toggling the slider on the "System Settings " tab to show "IP Mode: DHCP"

Article ID: KB01305


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