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KB01106 - Differences between Atlona SYNC EDID Emulators

SKUs: AT-ETU-SYNC, AT-UHD-SYNC (Discontinued) 

The AT-UHD-SYNC is being replaced by the AT-ETU-SYNC. Both of these devices allow the user the ability to do the following: emulate EDID, simulate EDID using 8, pre-configured EDID formats as well as performing HDCP, 5V and HPD tests to confirm source/signal and display integrity. Both units can re-clock an HDMI signal, balance 5V current on the HDMI outputs and ultimately help resolve many commonly seen HDMI issues related to EDID, clock-stretching, 5V or HPD issues.

The main difference between the AT-UHD-SYNC and the AT-ETU-SYNC are the maximum resolutions supported by each device:


For more information on HPD, 5V and HDCP please see this article.

Article ID: KB01106 


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