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KB01285 - What does a flashing power LED light mean?


Subject: What does a flashing power LED light mean?

Explanation:  The AT-HDR-EX-70-2PS kit is comprised of the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) which both have a POWER LED light. 

These LED lights should normally be lit solid when the units are powered by their original power supplies. If you notice that the POWER LED is flashing, this might mean there is a power issue between the TX and RX. Please consider trying the troubleshooting below:

  1. If one of the units has a POWER LED that is lid solid, please take that unit’s power supply (as it appears to be working correctly) and try powering the other device with the flashing power light. See if that devices power supply will also cause the power light to flash on the other unit (from which the good power supply was borrowed).
  2. If both power supplies are causing the power lights to flash, confirm you are using the original power supplies that shipped with the units. Note, third party power supplies may not work as they may have their grounding pins in different locations versus the Atlona units.
  3. To ensure optimal grounding and performance, Atlona recommends powering both units on the same circuit.
  4. If you find you have one or two faulty power supplies, please contact Atlona Technical Support for more assistance.

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