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KB01284 - What does a flashing/blinking LINK LED light mean?


Subject: What does a flashing/blinking LINK LED light mean?

Explanation:  The AT-HDR-EX-70-2PS kit is comprised of the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) which both have a LINK LED light. 

These LED lights should normally be lit solid when a good (working) CAT cable is connected between the TX and RX and the units are capable of passing video to each other. If you notice that the LINK LED is flashing, this might mean there is a communication error between the TX and RX. Please consider trying the troubleshooting below:

  1. Try another CAT cable between the TX and RX. You can use a CAT of any length above 3ft just as long as you are certain the cable works (if it’s a cable you know can pass video, such as on another extender set, then this is even better).
  2. If another cable does not provide a solid link light, try moving the units away from their current location and test them in an environment away from any sources of electromagnetic interference (such as electrical wires, large appliances, walkie-talkies or other radio devices). Unshielded CAT cables can pick up interference from these devices and this can cause link issues.
  3. The HDR-EX-70-2PS units feature a built-in HDBaseT tester. Please access this software from this link and perform the steps outlined in the software’s instructions to test your CAT run. Information on how to use the HDBaseT software can be found at this link
  4. If multiple CAT cables, of varying lengths, have been tested (ideally with CAT cables that are known to operate on other devices/computers) and the HDBaseT test confirms one of the cables used was fine, please contact Atlona technical support for more assistance.

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