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KB01012 - Using AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED with AT-HDVS-200-TX(-WP) for RS232 control


To allow the AT-HDVS-200-TX to send commands through the AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED and have the commands come out of the HDBaseT output on the CLSO-612ED to control a display on the output, you will need to set up the HDVS-200-TX with the zone commands of the 612ED and inside the brackets for that zone command you will enter your displays commands.

Let's assume the following:

  • TV’s ASCII RS232 command = “PW 1”/”PW 0” – Baud rate 19200
  • AT-HDVS-200-TX used on the input of the 612ED
  • AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX used on the output of the CLSO-612ED
  • The display we want to control is on the HDBaseT output of the CLSO-612 (zone 8)               

Programming commands into AT-HDVS-200-TX via its web interface:

You will first need to program the AT-HDVS-200-TX with the CLSO-612ED’s zone command. This is the command that allows the 612ED to know where a particular RS232 command should go. The command is: RS232zone(the # of the HDBaseT output going to your display)((the command for the display)) plus a carriage return                                                                                        

Therefore, the string to enter into the 612ED is: RS232zone8[PW 1] <carriage return>

We will enter this into the RS-232/IP Commands section of the HDVS-200-TX’s WebGui               

Please note, if the display also requires a carriage return, you will need to convert the string above to HEX and then enter “0D” as a carriage return (aka <cr>).

RS232zone8[] <cr> converted to hex is: 52 53 32 33 32 7A 6F 6E 65 38 5B 5D 0D

5B acts as the open square bracket (“[“) and 5D is the closed square bracket (“]”). “0D” is the carriage return. If you needed to add your displays command, you would enter it between the 5B and 5D followed by 0D for its carriage return.

After programming the AT-HDVS-200-TX with the CLSO-612ED’s zone command combined with the power command for the display, you will then be able to send commands from the HDVS-200-TX through the CLSO-612ED and out of the #8 HDBaseT output which will be paired with an HDBaseT receiver, that is then connected via RS232 to your display. You may also connect an HDBaseT cable directly from the HDBaseT port on the 612ED to an HDBaseT enabled display (therefore bypassing the need for an HDBaseT receiver). Please confirm if your display can accept RS232 commands via HDBaseT.

Follow the same steps above for your off command. If you want to utilize the automatic display control functionality of the HDVS-200-TX (such as connecting a source to the unit and having it turn on your TV on the other end) please follow these instructions:                                             

  1. Set Display Auto Power ON to enable / Set Display Auto Power Off to enable
  2. Auto Power Off Timer controls the time it takes for the HDVS-200-TX system to stay on for before turning itself off and sending your display an off command
  3. Control type must be set to RS232 if using RS232 control at the TV/Projector
  4. Display Mode should be DispSW AVon (Display is switched on/off while video is left on)

Article ID: KB01012


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