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KB01059 - How to Configure RS232 Captive Screw Connector for RS232 Passthrough


Atlona’s extenders with RS232 pass-through do not require any additional set up to get RS232 data to pass. You do not need to worry about configuring baud rate settings on the Atlona. As long as the extenders have a good link between each other and you are able to pass audio/video, you should be able to pass-through RS232 data simply by connecting your RS232 devices to each side of the extender set.

To connect an RS232 controller into the AT-UHD-EX-70C-TX for RS232 control of a Projector via the AT-UHD-EX-70C-RX at the projector, you will need to do the following:

  • At your TX, connect your RS232 control device’s TX, RX and Ground pins to the appropriate connections on the Atlona system. Please note, you need to connect the TX pin of your RS232 controller to the TX pin on the Atlona and connect the RX pin of your controller to the RX pin on the Atlona. Ground pins are connected to each other.  Your captive screw connector should look like so:


  • At your RX, connect the TX pin of the Atlona to the TX pin of your RS232 display/projector, followed by the RX pin of your Atlona to the RX pin of the display followed by joining the two Ground pins together.

Following the steps above should now allow RS232 data to pass. If you find that RS232 control is not working, please double check that you are sending commands at the proper baud rate and port settings that match your displays requirements. If these suggestions do not help, please try flipping the RX and TX pins on the Atlona side which will act in a manner similar to introducing a null-modem adapter.

For assistance in how to create a DB9 to bare wire cable, please see this article.  

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