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KB01060 - How to terminate captive screw power connections on Atlona devices


Summary:  How to terminate captive screw power connections on Atlona devices—Many Atlona devices come with a bare-wire power connector coupled with a captive-screw connector for its power terminal. The intent is to give users more versatility in running their power line to the Atlona, particularly in environments with limited space such as racks.



To terminate your bare-wire power connector,


  • Start by locating your power supply. Please make sure it’s not connected to an outlet at this point.
  • On the back of the power supply you will find its specifications
  • Please double check that this power supply’s capabilities match the requirements of your Atlona device.
    • You should find the voltage requirements for each specific device printed right near the power connector:  = 5volt Power Supply
  • You will want to match the appropriate wire off your power supply to the appropriate pin on the Atlona unit.
  • To open the captive screw terminals, turn the screws atop the connector counter-clockwise.
  • Next, push each wire into the corresponding port and once connected, twist the screws atop the connector clockwise to lock them down.


After connecting your power cable and double checking that the + and – pins are in the right place, please connect this to your Atlona unit which should power up.


Article ID: KB01060 



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