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KB01010 - CLSO-824 DSP Version 80.80 (Audio Playback Issue)


There are audio playback issues when using the AT-UHD-CLSO-824. The units DSP (digital sound processor) firmware is 80.80.

Troubleshooting Steps: 

  1. Does the HDBaseT output play audio? If it does, the corresponding analog port should also work. If HDBaseT is not playing audio, there might be an issue with the source (check EDID and try another source).
  2. Check analog cable wiring.
  3. Can another source be used on the input of the analog audio amp/DSP and confirm that audio will pass?
  4. Does audio pass from another HDMI or HDBaseT source?
  5. Check 824 volume levels to ensure they are set appropriately. 
  6. Make sure audio levels for the working port (if applicable) match those of the non-working port through the web interface or front panel of CLSO-824.


If you are using a UHD-CLSO-824 and find that firmware is 80.80, it is recommended you update the firmware using the USB update method (web update will not work to correct this particular audio issue). You cannot update this version of DSP firmware via web interface.

Firmware and step by step instructions can be found here:

Article ID: KB01010 

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