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KB01025 - What Digital Audio Formats Does the HDVS-150 Support?

The AT-HDVS-150 system will pass through 2ch audio from the HDMI input of the TX to the HDMI output of the RX.

You do not have to enable/disable any functions in the RX to perform this function. Simply connect your audio/video source to the TX which will automatically pass the video/audio signal through to the RX.

If you want to utilize the analog audio breakout of the RX, please note this will not downmix audio signals but will only de-embed them. This means that sending a Dolby signal in will not produce a stereo signal out. You must set your source to output 2ch audio (such as 2ch PCM) which will then be de-embedded (stripped out) on the analog L/R output of the RX.

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