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KB01026 - HDVS-150 Display Modes Explained

Since the AT-HDVS-150-RX (paired with a 150-TX) can control your display, Atlona has given you the option of choosing one of four different options when sending an On/Off command out. The abbreviation SW stands for switch. This means that whatever the SW is next to, will be switched on/off when the display button is pressed. Therefore:

DispSW AVon= Your display will be sent an on/off command but video to that display will keep passing

DispSW AVSW= Your display will be switched on/off and video will also be turned on/off

AV SW = Video is switched on/off but display power is untouched. This feature is good when you already rely on your display to turn itself off based on signal detection. Since Atlona won’t be sending it video, the display can turn itself off.

Always On = Nothing will be sent from the HDVS-150-RX when the display button or automatic display control is toggled. This is the same as not programming any commands into the HDVS-150-RX (no commands = no control)

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