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KB01098 - How to learn EDID on a PRO2HD Matrix


Below are the instructions on how to learn the EDID information from your TV/projector and apply this information to your sources (by using the PRO2HD matrix’s EDID learning capabilities). This is recommended if you have a display that requires a specific resolution or audio format to be sent to it. Please note, setting this to a source will force that source to send one type of signal. This may affect the performance of other displays/projectors which will also be routed to this source. You may try learning EDID from multiple displays and apply each one to a source one at a time to see where you get the best performance.

EDID Copy Steps:

1)   Start by pressing the Function button followed by EDID (Button #6 on the 8x8 and Button #14 on the 16x16). This will get you into the EDID management settings.

2)  The front panel display on the matrix should say “1 to Copy; 2 to choose” we want to hit 1 to copy the EDID.

3)    Select the output number to copy from. We suggest using a display you have the least amount of video issues with and that is currently showing an image. The TV must be on for it to send its EDID information to the Atlona matrix.

4)    LED panel should now say “Copy from output# (the number you chose in step 3) Save to Memory #” this option is asking what “memory bin location” you want the EDID file saved into. The unit has 8 EDID bin locations that you can save a single EDID file into. For simplicity, we recommend you use the same bin location as the output number we learned from.

5)    After the bin location is selected press enter to confirm the save the file into that bin.

6)    LED panel should now revert back to the initial EDID management screen and say “1 to Copy; 2 to choose” we now want to hit 2 to choose the copied EDID file and apply this EDID to your inputs.

7)    After selecting option 2, the matrix will ask what input port you want to save the EDID into, this links the display’s EDID file to the source side of the switch. This allows the source to interpret the connection with the matrix as being directly connected to the TV.

8)    After the input port is selected it asks what mode you would like to use “1: Default, 2: Saved EDID, 3: INT” since we are using learned EDID, you can completely ignore the default and INT settings, Press 2 to use the saved EDID.

9)    The next screen should now say “Input# Select Saved EDID memory 1 thru 8”. Please select the memory bin you had previously saved EDID into.

10)  After selecting the saved EDID, you should see a 3 letter code under the “EDID Memory # + Enter” (it might only pop up after you hit enter) that 3 letter code should be the manufacturer code for the displays being used. SHP or SHR for Sharp, SAM for Samsung or SNY for Sony.

At this point the matrix will have the EDID file from the TV stored into that input we have selected. You will need to repeat the process for all the inputs on the switch but now that the EDID file is in the bin location you will not need to perform the EDID copy portion (steps 1-5).

Article ID: KB01098 


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