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KB01261 - Why is my web-GUI so slow? What can I do to increase speed?

SKU: Any Atlona product with Web-GUI

Subject: Why is my web-GUI so slow? What can I do to increase speed?


                A functional Atlona device should have a web-GUI where you can make changes and view feedback in an almost real-time state. If you are experiencing delays in response time when interacting with a unit’s web-GUI, try assigning the unit a Static IP address, and connecting directly to the unit from your PC with an ethernet patch cable(eliminating any switches or infrastructure between your computer and the Atlona device).

If you are still experiencing slow response time, it is recommended to factory reset the device. Please refer to the users manual of your device on how to reset it or search the help center for your part number and the keyword "reset" for any articles with this process. This can be done by sending a “Mreset” command to the device either via Telnet or RS232 serial string. This will default the Atlona device to factory settings (which include the “DHCP on” setting).

If the above recommendations do not remedy your issue, please contact Atlona tech support for further assistance.

Article ID: KB01261

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